Volkspark Hasenheide

Volkspark Hasenheide, which, according to berlin.de, owes its name to a large rabbit enclosure that existed there in the 17th century for the Great Electors, can be used in many ways with children all year round.

In addition to the many large open spaces where you can picnic, romp and play, there are many special places in Hasenheide that I would like to introduce to you here.

Playground "1001 Nights"

We believe the large playground opposite the open-air cinema with its many climbing frames, swings and slides is one of the most beautiful playgrounds in Berlin. Read more about it here.


One of the most popular places for children in Hasenheide is the small Neukölln zoo.

It is really worth a trip in any weather and at any time of the year, even for the little ones, who can even get up close and personal with the animals in some enclosures.

You can find out more about the zoo here.



Idyllic and quiet at the southern end of the Hasenheide lies the Rixdorf Pond, which is also part of the Neukölln zoo mentioned above.

Numerous species of water birds live on the overgrown banks of the small  pond, including mute swans, various species of ducks, gray herons, coots and green-footed moorhens.

To protect the flora and fauna around the pond, it can only be reached via footbridges. From there you can watch what is happening on the bank. In the summer months you can often discover nests of the breeding waterfowl in the thicket and later see the young.

In autumn, squirrels dash over the railing of the footbridge. Sometimes they nibble on nuts in peace, sometimes they seem to be playing hide and seek with the other squirrels.


The centrally located Rose Garden, which was established in Hasenheide at the end of the 1980s, is a true oasis of calm.

Here you can relax together and enjoy the scent of the roses.


The Stone Labyrinth was first created by actress Ellen Esser in 2018 on the Tempelhofer Feld and in 2019 in Hasenheide as a place for encounters. During the summer months, the labyrinth is regularly used for small cultural events such as readings, concerts and performances.

The stone labyrinth is also a popular place for children. I think there is something meditative about walking along the paths to the middle.

You can find more information about the stone labyrinth here


At the southern end of the Hasenheide, opposite the Neukölln Outdoor Swimming Pool, you will find a small sports park. Skaters especially like to come to this place. There are also basketball hoops, table tennis and a small soccer field.


Tree Nature Trail

Also in the south of Hasenheide, between the Rixdorf Pond and the Stone Labyrinth, there is a Tree Nature Trail. The Neukölln Administration has been planting new trees on a regular basis since 2009, which constantly enrich the Tree Nature Trail. For each tree there is an explanatory plate on metal with interesting information about the respective tree species.

You can find more information about the tree nature trail here.

More Things To Do

On the north side of the park, opposite Graefestr. there is also a mini golf course. You can find more information about this here

If you fancy a longer walk, you can also climb the Rixdorfer Höhe in the west of the park. The former mountain of rubble was integrated into the area of the Volkspark in the 1950s.

Incidentally, the Hasenheide does not lose its charm even on gray, rainy winter days;)