In the 19th century the Luisenstädtischer Kanal connected the Urbanhafen at Landwehrkanal with the river Spree. Due to hygienic problems, the canal was drained in the 1920s – with the exception of the Engelbecken which still exists today. Along the former course of the canal, a planted green strip was created, which still stretches from Böcklerpark to Oranienplatz to Engelbecken and even further along the entire Engeldamm. 

The Engelbecken with its many small fountains is very popular today as a small green oasis. In the summer months, water turtles, ducks, swans and herons are at home here. At the edge of the pool a small green strip invites you to relax for a while or have a picnic.

On the north side is the Café am Engelbecken, which is open all year round – a sun oasis in summer and a perfect place to warm up in winter. With frosty temperatures being common, the basin often froze and was used for ice skating until a few years ago. 

Towards Moritzplatz there is also the beautiful Indian fountain, which seems to magically attract children.