Eichwerder Steg

Hermsdorf to Lübars by foot...

The Eichwerder Steg is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Berlin for all people in search of urban nature. 

Located in the very north of Berlin, the footbridge connects the districts of Lübars and Hermsdorf. As early as 1927 – after both villages were incorporated into the Berlin urban area – there was a desire to connect the two places by a short route. Then and now, the Tegeler Fließ (Tegel River) made its way through the marshy landscape and so a dam was initially built, but this was not a permanent solution due to flood damage. Finally, the Eichwerder Steg was built, which today leads across the marshy meadows in the middle of a vast nature reserve. 

Nature trail

In the early 200s, a nature trail was created along the footbridge in cooperation between the nature conservation authority of the Reinickendorf district and NABU.  The unique flora and fauna of the footbridge and its surroundings are described on 50 panels. 

How to get there & other destinations nearby

You can reach the footbridge from Lübars, Hermsdorf and Waidmannslust. There are paved and well-signposted paths from all directions, so that an excursion by bike or with a pram is also possible. Incidentally, a trip to the footbridge can be wonderfully combined with a (bicycle) hike along the Tegeler Fließ and in summer the nearby Lübars lido invites you to take a dip!