Volkspark Potsdam

The Federal Garden Show was opened in Potsdam in 2001 and later made available to the public as the Volkspark Potsdam. The 65hectare park and garden area is one of the most popular excursion destinations in Potsdam.

The park is beautiful in every season and there is so much to discover and do for children of all ages that a single day is usually not enough to explore the entire park! So be ready to read about all  the things the Volkspark Potsdam has to offer for children.

In the eastern Forest Park there are 4 large trampolines, which are set into a hill with a rubber floor. The area is surrounded by old forests and meadows, because this part of Potsdam was hardly built on before BUGA 2001!

When you’re tired of jumping you can follow the signs through the forest and meadow. Past a basketball court and a wave-shaped skater track to one of the absolute highlights of the park: Giant slides! Here 6 large tube slides that are up to 12 meters high were installed in a red climbing rock. Getting involved with the heights and speeds of these slides often takes a lot of effort! (At least from mom’s perspective;)) On the walls of the rock you can also try out 8 different routes in rope climbing.

The large meadow park is separated from the forest park by Georg-Hermann-Allee. There are not just meadows here though, but also a large skate park, a huge boulder wall and a sand volleyball court, beautifully planted slopes, hills and bridges that can be reached and left barrier-free using ramps.


Hidden between the slopes are a small goldfish pond and water features that are very popular with children. But be careful, the wet floor is super slippery and the water is pretty cool even in midsummer. If you are even more interested in water adventures, you can walk a little further – to the huge water playground!

Starting at the Haus im Park, where you can get drinks, snacks, ice cream, pizza and the like, the playground extends from a fountain wall over pools of water in the sand, a huge playground with lawn, a meadow hill and a large, but shallow pool of water with jetty, reeds and movable rafts. Once you have arrived here in the summer, be sure to face a tough time trying to persuade the children to continue elsewhere. 

If you fancy a long walk, you can still explore the Remisenpark at the northern end of the park. A path leads through the pretty pyramid gardens and past various meadows, on which sheep graze in summer, into the forest. Here you will find a great playground under huge oak trees with countless climbing opportunities, swings, a grotto and a tree house at lofty heights! For small children there is a playground a little further ahead with lots of sand for digging. In addition to the climbing playground, there is also a huge orchard and a football field.

At the southern end of the Remisenpark, there’s a funtime-guaranteed disc golf course that can be used during the park’s opening hours.

In the green wagon, among the bee colonies and in the herb garden “Wild Carrot” there are educational offers and lots of information about nature.

Useful Information

open daily
05am – 11pm

standard tarif 1,50€
reduced 0,50€
under 18 years free admission

Admission payable at the ticket machines at all entrances

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