Offroad Bike Track Tempelhof

Somewhat hidden between the A100 and the Teltowkanal is a park with a basketball court, football pitch, sunbathing lawns and a highlight for enthusiastic bikers: A pretty cool offroad track! 

The starting point of the course is this ramp!

From up here it’s then off at breakneck speed over countless ramps, hills and obstacles, past trees and bushes and through tight bends! The course is laid out in several parallel tracks, so it never gets boring, as new obstacles can always be combined during the ride. 

A little smaller but less well-known than the bike course at Tempelhofer Feld, this cross track is really an insider’s tip for bike fans young and old. 

In my opinion, this cross track is a bit more “dangerous” than the one on the field because most of the hills are steeper and follow at shorter intervals….but when my 4-year-old is out here with his BMX it’s hard to tell him “we’re leaving”!