Charlottenburg Palace Gardens

Visit  palace gardens with children? This may sound terribly boring at first, but there is so much to discover in the more than 300-year-old Schlossgarten Charlottenburg. 

Behind the palace and the baroque garden with its central fountain lies the picturesque carp pond. Countless water birds breed on its banks in springtime.

From there, bridges and riverside paths lead past several watercourses to the northern part of the garden where a flock of Gotland sheep is kept during the warmer months. 

The dense vegetation along the narrow streams provides shelter for a diverse fauna. If you listen well, you can hear frogs croaking here. From time to time, even beavers can be seen at dusk. 

A large playground is also located within the park. Surrounded by meadows and shady trees, you can climb, dig and swing here. There is a seesaw, a ropeway, two wooden climbing frames, a slide, swings and a conical climbing tower. 

Useful Information

free admission

the palace gardens are barrier-free
barrier-free WC in the Old Castle

Opening Hours
daily from 8am until dusk 

Cycling permitted on marked paths

WC (50cents) inside the Small Orangery 

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