Berlin’s backyards have their very own charm. Many of them are simply gray and lined with concrete walls and asphalt floors, on which countless, unused bicycles and overfilled garbage cans stand. Others, on the other hand, are green oases of calm, like the Krausnickpark in Mitte, which we would like to introduce to you here.

Many of Berlin’s inner-city green spaces and today’s backyards were formerly used as gardens and as cultivation areas for fruit and vegetables. So also the Krausnickpark, whose history can be traced back to the 18th century.

Initially privately owned as a park and garden, the area was later left to the Humboldt University for use. In the 1990s, part of the area was leased to a residents’ association and thus made usable. For about 10 years, efforts have been made to design the entire space as a public green area. Finally in 2007 the Krausnick Park was opened to the public in its current form.


The park is located on Oranienburgerstrasse, directly opposite Monbijou Park. It can be reached through a metal gate, which looks so inconspicuous that most would probably pass it instinctively.

The beautiful park appears directly behind the short underpass. Right at the beginning there is a small playground with wooden climbing elements, sand and a swing for the little ones.

The playground is surrounded by well-tended meadows and trees. It is wonderfully quiet and there is no rubbish anywhere. The park is privately maintained by the members of the Bürgerpark Krausnickdreieck e.V.

There is another playground with a wooden climbing boat and sand behind the meadow. There are also swings and a seesaw. From there you can get to the back of the park, where there are flower and vegetable beds and even hammocks!

The Krausnickpark is really a perfect place to relax with children. Far away from the street noise, you can enjoy yourself here in the middle of the city center!

Useful information

opening hours
summertime 9am – 9pm
wintertime 10am – 6pm

The park is barrier-free.

Tram-Stop (M1 ; M5) Monbijoupark directly in front of the entrance.

Smoking ; barbecuing and playing football are not permitted in the park.

Dogs are not allowed.