Climbing Playground in Volkspark Wilmersdorf

On the northern edge of Volkspark Wilmersdorf, between Prinzregentenstrasse and Bundesallee, there is a small playground for big climbing fans.

The trees were actively included in the design of the play area. A unique rope climbing structure was attached between two towering oak trees.

From the climbing ropes, the kids can move hand over hand along ropes and loops in the direction of the slide.

The playground also has a small wooden climbing frame with a slide, two hammocks and climbing poles.

You will also find a swinging tire and regular swings.

All around the kids can of course dig and there is always space to picnic and romp around in the meadows in Volkspark Wilmersdorf.

You can reach the playground from the Rathaus Schöneberg underground station (U4), from the Bundesplatz U + S station (U9, S41, S42, S45, S46) and from the Berliner Straße underground station (U7, U9).

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