Forest Playground Plänterwald

In the middle of the Plänterwald there is a natural forest playground in which free play and experiences with natural materials can be wonderfully combined.

The children can climb over fallen tree trunks, build caves out of branches, hop over tree stumps, and play with fallen leaves and acorns.

A large number of wooden vehicles also invite you to climb and play creatively. There is a large boat with a steering wheel, a long train with a walk-in locomotive, a car, and other vehicles and trailers.

The spacious forest playground is also ideal for playing hide and seek.

In rainy weather you will find shelter under the roofed rest area. All around there is seating and plenty of space for an extensive picnic, because playing outdoors is known to make you hungry 😉 

Nesting boxes are attached to some trees and beetles and other insects cavort in the many woods and can be admired. By the way, it is also a lot of fun to just walk through the Plänterwald. Parts of the area are protected and there is always something to discover!

Useful Information

The playground is open all year round.

From the bus stop “Eichbuschallee” it is approx. 350m to the playground, just straight ahead into the forest.