Volkspark Friedrichshain

The Volkspark Friedrichshain was laid out in the 1840s and is therefore the oldest park in Berlin!

The park is so large and can be used in a variety of ways that time with children just flies by.

The most famous of the many monuments, buildings and highlights in the park is the beautiful fairytale fountain, which was built at the beginning of the 20th century as a gift for working-class children threatened by typhus and rickets. Today, children can splash around here on warm days and climb around on the many animal and fairy tale characters. The fountain is located directly at the park entrance at the intersection at Am Friedrichshain / Friedensstrasse.

The element of water is present in many different forms and places inside Volkspark Friedrichshain – much to the delight of the kids! There is also the splash with the two stone elephants, a lovely playground right next to it, which also has a pump, and the great themed garden “stream” across from the pond.

A small stream flowing downwards was built here under shady trees, which invites children to play, splash around and explore. The small stream flows into the large pond, which is home to numerous swans and ducks. There are many benches around the pond.


In Volkspark Friedrichshain there are countless meadows for romping around and picnicking, a climbing rock and a beach sports area.

The scented garden is also an enriching experience. Various native herbs and wild flowers grow in its raised beds.

In addition to the playground at the fairytale fountain, there are two other playgrounds in the park.

A spacious playground with many wooden elements such as snakes, horses, climbing frames and tipis is located relatively centrally. The kids can also swing and dig here. In summer the playground is pleasantly shaded between the many trees.

The other playground is on the north side of the park. In addition to a lot of sand, there are numerous balancing and jumping elements as well as a climbing frame with slides.