Sand Pit in Grunewald Forest

This immense sand pit inside Grunewald Forest sure is Berlins largest and it’s a children’s paradise for playing outdoors. 

From the 1960’s to 80’s sand was extracted here and used mainly on the many Berlin construction sites at the time. The pit is 15m-25m deep and it’s really fun for all kinds of plays and activities. 

The surrounding areas are mostly meadows and trees, so there’s enough shade too. Some parts of the space are below sea level and therefore little lakes have emerged. One of them can be accessed. It’s home to different species of frogs, toads, birds, snakes and fish. 

The whole area is home to a unique flora and fauna, therefore some parts of the area form a nature reserve and cannot be accessed. 

Useful Information

The area is best accessed from S Grunewald. There’s a wide alley leading to the pit, it can be easily accessed with prams, walking bikes and bicycles. 

It can get really warm down here on sunny days, sun protection recommended.