Playground Winterfeldtplatz

This cool playground is right next to Winterfeldtplatz. Absolute highlight: a huge labyrinth made of rubber mats and ropes at different heights – ideal for climbing, jumping, balancing and sliding.

There’s a kind of hanging seesaw on one side of the rubber mat labyrinth – it’s really fun! Directly behind it is a spiral slide – made of plastic, so it doesn’t get too hot in summer and not too cold in winter;)

For the kids who don’t dare to use the rubber mats yet, there is a small slide and enough sand to dig. A mosaic snake and various tree and rope constructions form a balancing course. 

The playground also has a spacious meadow area with stone steps. In summer there is a pump that turns parts of the stone and sand areas into a great water playground!

A great plus for winter evenings when it gets dark far too early: The playground is lined with lanterns and therefore lit in the dark!