Playground in Park am Gleisdreieck (Westpark)

The playground in the West Park of Park am Gleisdreieck is both, climbing paradise and water playground. The wooden pool and canal system has several water pumps. The pools are large enough for toddlers to comfortably sit inside them and play in the mud. 

The playground also has two separate sand areas especially designed for young children.

The beautifully designed climbing castle has two slides, one of which is partially covered. Nets, ladders and sloping platforms are just some of the elements on which the children can reach the slides. 

The completely fenced-in playground has a few shady spots and lots of comfy seating possibilities. 

From the playground, a small path leads to the allotment gardens where the lovely  Café Eule is located. Here you can get delicious, freshly prepared small bites like soups, quiches and cakes. 

Useful Information

Park and playground are open all year round.

Next to the playground there is a kiosk with a small selection of drinks and snacks. There is a barrier-free WC at the back of the kiosk. 

The playground is within walking distance from the underground station Bülowstr. and from the underground station Gleisdreieck. Both stations as well as the park are barrier-free.