Park am Gleisdreieck

One of our absolute outdoor favourites in the centre of Berlin is the vast Park am Gleisdreieck. From Yorckstraße to Landwehrkanal, between the Museum of Technology and the railway tracks, there is a huge area with green spaces, playgrounds, graffiti walls, skate park and trampoline facilities.

How about climbing or balancing along old railroad relics at Flaschenhalspark ( South of Yorckstr.) ? For climbing-loving kids, there’s the Stangenwald, a beautifully situated playground with many climbing possibilities.

The little ones can watch the subways passing the bridges over the Westpark with great excitement. Young skaters can improve their skills on the specially designed hills, as will ball enthusiasts and passionate trampoline jumpers, for whom the floor has been covered with (relatively) injury-proofed rubber. 

In the Ostpark, there’s a skater’s area, a football space and a basketball court. 

On warm summer days the water playground in Westpark is a perfect place to linger. But remember to use enough sun protection – as the park is still very young the trees do not yet provide too much shade. There are drinking fountains where you can fill up your water supply at any time. Several small kiosks across the park offer various snacks, drinks, ice cream etc.