Nelly und die Berlinchen: Rettung auf dem Spielplatz by Karin Beese & Mathilde Rousseau

The friends Nelly, Hannah and Amina, also known as “the Berlinchen”, experience a nerve-wracking adventure on the playground after a quarrel between siblings. A non-discriminatory togetherness is a matter of course here, without being directly addressed.

The texts of the richly illustrated book are consistently written in rhyme form and give readers and listeners great pleasure.

The book was awarded the “Respekt wins” prize from the Berlin Council for Democracy.

Recommended for children aged 2-6

Published by HaWandel Verlag

Unfortunately there’s no English translation available yet.

The second volume in the series Nelly und die Berlinchen: Die Schatzsuche was also published by Hawandel Verlag in 2019.

Here Nelly and her friends spend a day on the Tempelhofer Feld and meet the Drachenbande. The encounter becomes a playful challenge and brings with it some surprises …