Fairy Tale Playground Neukölln

The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm shaped the design of this great playground in Von-der-Schulenburg-Park in Neukölln.

The large castle can be climbed using ropes, ramps, nets, suspension bridges, beams and a climbing wall. Inside the castle, the children encounter various fairy tale characters. The shortest way back down is via a curved tube slide. A raised platform that encloses a tree was integrated into the castle wall, which was created in the form of a climbing course.

Next to the castle is a green climbing dragon and a toddler area with a low climbing frame and a small slide. The little ones can also dig in the abundant sand here.

There is also a water play element made of metal basins, pipes and wooden beams as well as a basket swing on which detailed ravens are enthroned.

Behind the castle there is another balancing course made of tree trunks and a stone table football.