The approximately 3.5 km long Heidekampgraben connects the Spree at Treptower Park with the Britzer Verbindungskanal.

The narrow ditch flows through the beautiful carp pond in Treptower Park and past numerous allotment garden colonies, partly along the well-developed Berlin Wall Trail. You can take wonderful bike rides and walks along the asphalt path. In between there is always seating and plenty of space to play, picnic and linger on the forest and meadow areas along the way.

Along the southern Heidekampgraben there are some small paths right by the water. These are not passable with prams and bicycles, but they are wonderful for a nature walk through the city on foot or when carrying a baby. Especially in summer you can listen to the countless frog concerts, watch the rainbow-colored dragonflies and discover one or the other snail.

At some places on the river bank there is a smell of watermint, at others dense blackberry bushes grow. If you fancy a quiet day in a green space without driving to the outskirts of town or beyond, you will enjoy this green strip of urban nature to the full.

It’s only a few minutes by foot to Heidekampgraben from either S-Bahnhof Köllnische Heide or from  S-Bahnhof Plänterwald and a 10minutes bike-ride from S-Bahnhof Sonnenallee.