Havelspaziergang in Potsdam

The city of Potsdam has many beautiful corners that can be explored with children. Thanks to the good connection to Berlin’s public transport system the beautiful city on the Havel can be reached quickly.

We started our Havel walk at the Neustadt Havel Bay. Here are two of the most architecturally distinctive buildings in Potsdam: the “steam engine house” and the Seerose, which has been used for gastronomy since it was built in the 1980s.

Further along the shore there are boat places and a newly designed fitness course with various training equipment and a tricky balancing course. The devices are recommended for ages 14 and up, but our 3.5 year old already had a lot of fun with them. There is also a small climbing frame with a slide, a sandpit, a grass football field and a basketball hoop.

We then walked through an underpass at the bridge to the beautiful whale playground. If you continue along the shore from here, you will come to the cable ferry that connects Potsdam West with the green and quiet Hermannswerder peninsula.

If you follow the riverside path a little further, you will find a wonderful playground with a large climbing frame and slide, a basket swing, spring animals and lots of sand to dig.