Global New Generation Berlin

The association Global New Generation e.V., which emerged from a parents’ initiative, has been offering an ever-increasing range of children’s and youth activities for several years now, in which global learning, interculturalism and sensitisation to all forms of discrimination are at the forefront.

Every year, interested children and young people work on a musical in which a jointly selected African country is worked out on the basis of certain topics in an age-appropriate way under the direction of pedagogical staff and artists. The musical is then performed, for example, at festivals on many stages in and around Berlin. In addition to the musical, in some years an album with the soundtrack, a film adaptation and a colouring book is produced.

Furthermore, the association offers regular excursions of one or more days, holiday programs and exciting workshops. These include handicrafts with recycled materials, dance, percussion, introduction to film work, etc.

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