Fairytale Playground in Heinrich-Lassen-Park

On the fairytale playground in Heinrich-Lassen Park in Schöneberg, children can climb around a huge, imaginatively designed castle. They encounter characters from the fairy tale collections of the Brothers Grimm, such as the Frog King and Sleeping Beauty. From ladders to stairs, shaky suspension bridges and climbing nets to a tunnel made of metal mesh, children can playfully train and develop their motor skills here. The castle is also great for playing hide and seek.

In the playground there is also a ropeway, a basket swing and themed wooden elements for smaller children. There is also a boulder wall, a balancing course and of course plenty of space for digging and lingering. On sunny days you will find a shady spot under the trees.

The playground is located in the middle of Heinrich-Lassen-Park, so the visit to the playground can be combined with a picnic in the park, a small (running) bike tour and games and sports on the meadow.