Children’s Farm at Mauerplatz

Berlin’s oldest children’s farm is located at Mauerplatz in Kreuzberg. It was created in 1981 by an initiative of volunteers at exactly this location on a former rubble site.

Today you can play and learn here in an informal, family atmosphere. Amongst others, Goats, sheep, ponies, donkeys, geese and rabbits live on the farm.

Every helping hand is welcome, because the animals need extensive care. Under the guidance of the volunteers who work on the farm, children are allowed to take on responsible and important tasks such as cleaning the enclosure, feeding and grooming. In addition, the many plants and trees can be watered and cared for.

If you like, you can of course just come to the farm to play and relax. There is a small sandpit with digging utensils, a large meadow with a fireplace and of course lots of animal enclosures. In addition, a nature trail has been created and there are small gardens with vegetable beds, forage and medicinal plants. In this way, awareness of nature and the environment can be created in a playful manner.

At the community house, tea, coffee and food for the animals are available for a small contribution to the community fund. There is also a cozy seating area in which many people from the neighborhood like to meet. The children’s farm on Mauerplatz is also happy to open its doors to daycare groups and school classes at all times.

Useful Information

open daily
spring & summer 09am-6pm
autumn & winter 08am-5pm

free admission

More information on the website